20th - 23rd March 2018
Portsmouth, UK
Focus Day 20th March

Organised by info@tdnuk.com +44 (0) 1245 407 916

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Focus Day Stream 1: Submarines

Stay Hunting and Avoid Being Hunted

Interest in submarine programmes has reached unprecedented levels as countries realise the cost benefits of having a covert underwater presence rather than a fully functioning surface fleet.

This focus day, taking place 20 th March at Underwater Defence & Security 2018, will dissect some of the technologies and programmes in the community, and the effect these are having on Naval tactics.


Processing power has opened a new realm of possibilities with submarine designers now able to factor previously unreachable technology. Delegates will have an opportunity to look at some of the key programmes and how technology has influenced this process.


Submarines are fast becoming an integral element of the underwater environment, becoming a ‘node’ for network centric warfare from which many types of operations can be mounted. This aim will not work without superior knowledge of their surroundings and it starts with ensuring their surveillance is accurate and stealthy.


Conventional submarines are being designed with multi missions at its core; whether insertion of SF, find, track or defence careful consideration must be made of the weight and ability to withstand pressure of its payload. Some countries have external attachments whilst others utilise torpedo tubes. Delegates will leave with a clear understanding of the options available.

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All serving military and government personnel will receive free entry by registering online. Passes include access to all sessions during the meeting, as well as entry to the exhibition and networking breaks.