20th - 23rd March 2018
Portsmouth, UK
Focus Day 20th March

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Focus Day Stream 2: Mine Countermeasures

Exploring Mine Countermeasure (MCM) Alternatives

With several countries looking to phase out their legacy dedicated vessels there has been a real push to explore the options for finding, identifying and destroying mines. There is an urgent need to develop solutions with the real threat of developments in the type and deployment of mines.

This MCM focus day, taking place 20 th March 2018 at Underwater Defence & Security 2018, will be chaired by Commodore (Retd) David Burton, Strategy Director, NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE).


Multi-purpose vessels now have the capability of carrying MCM assets as part of a wider arsenal. The challenge for capability managers is to establish whether multi-mission vessels with ‘plug-and- play’ offboard systems are the best option for Navies looking to focus their efforts on acquiring and sustaining effective MCM.


With mine detection assets from many Fleets reaching the end of their service life, there has been a push to upgrade MCM capabilities such as sonar, diving and unmanned vehicles. Not all countries are ready for this and so there is still the need to discuss dedicated vessels in more detail.


During a conflict there isn’t a Fleet more vulnerable than those being used to clear minefields. There needs to be additional protection in place to ensure MCM ships and assets are clear to conduct their missions with minimal interference. Delegates will scope some of the options available to ensure safe operations.

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