5th - 7th March 2019
Southampton, UK
Focus Day 5th March

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Focus Day Stream 3: Anti-Submarine Warfare

Recapitalising in Order to Dominate and Win in the UW Environment’

Western navies have taken a 20 year pause in multilateral Anti-Submarine Warfare. Our capability and capacity is inadequate to meet today’s and tomorrow’s threat. A compounding factor is our potential opponent’s ability to restrict our freedom of movement with A2AD capabilities.

In order to ensure the tracking and prosecution of UW threats, Navies require defensive in depth in all domains. This focus day will analyse these areas in more detail and will be chaired by Rear Admiral Robert Tarrant CB, Former Commander Operations, Royal Navy.


Whether on the sea bed, ship or standoff system sensors are the key to finding, identifying, tracking and at times prosecuting targets. Platforms and processing power have reached a point where previous ideas can become reality including autonomous systems, laser tracking and IFF systems. This session will analyse where most progress has been made regarding sensors.

Speakers Include:


Autonomous platforms that can find, identify, and track UW targets are here today. This capability must be fully integrated into our ASW system of systems. Doctrine must be developed to maximize Manned and Unmanned teaming. This session will identify some of these new platforms, the technology to find them and what steps countries are taking to acquire these capabilities.

Speakers Include:


As nations aim to acquire both standoff and organic capabilities, ASW effectors have become the critical asset during a time of changing priorities. Air assets can enable constant deterrence via greater range, speed and accuracy when providing surveillance to hunt enemy submarines. However aviation assets are not always available and ships must be prepared to provide their own find, ID, track and destroy capabilities. This session will analyse how ASW can be enhanced for current Fleet operations.

Speakers Include:

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